We are a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have experienced the disappointment of investing in numerous crypto projects, many of which turned out to be scams, resulting in substantial financial losses.

Driven by our collective vision and a strong desire for fairness, we came together to create a project that offers a unique opportunity for passive income and significant rewards to Bullish Tiger holders and investors who believe in the project’s potential.

Bullish Tiger firmly believes that everyone, regardless of their background, should have the chance to build wealth.

While fighting against crypto scams is undoubtedly challenging, we are committed to developing secure and trustworthy projects that have the power to transform lives positively. We are delighted to welcome each and every one of you on board our journey.

Together, we have the potential to make history. Bullish Tiger (Btiger) is a fully decentralized project owned by the community and cannot be controlled by any single entity or authority.